Cloud 2.0

Cloud 2.0

Decentralized secure wallet and first Eco System!

Now you can still to participate on the Value Growth of this Cloud 2.0!

If you use this Wallet App for Kryptocurrency, then you will get a Reward from 5% up to 11%  per month on your Deposit. 

Cloud 2.0 is a Super Krypto Wallet, which even gives you the option of exporting the Private Key. Thus, Cloud Token shows that it is a decentralized crypto wallet. Not many in the market, although it is so important. Cloud 2.0 Proves Honesty, Transparents !!

What do you do? Look here at the Information

What is the next Step and how can i download the Wallet for Free? 

Just some Steps to the Wallet with your Mobile Telephone

1.) Download the App for IOS and Android: 

2.) Click on Create a new Account

3.) Ref-Code for the registration: – Ref-Code 1318049032

4.) Write down your Mnemonic Phrase, print and save your data.

5.) Activate your 2FA Google Authenticator make a Screenshot of the 2FA (Important)

Without this Code will be your Account suspended after the review. ( It is your Value and Safety)

6.) VERY IMPORTANT: Please save your PRIVATE KEY! That is your Key for Safety!

7.) Last Step: Please take Contact to me, because then i can better help you.


Do you need my Help, the let me know and send me a Message 


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